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Large Size Golf Cart - 24 Hrs Rental


Pick Up Time:  Select the timeframe when you would pick up the golf cart 


How many rental days:  Select the number of days you want to rent the golf cart for.


Date rental picks up: Type in the date that you want to rent the golf cart.


Pickup or Delivery: We offer FREE delivery or pick up for the golf cart rental. 


If you choose delivery of golf cart (2days or more), please provide time and location you would like the Golf Cart Rental delivery too.  Golf carts cannot be delivered to the ferry; only pickup is available within a short walking distance.


Quantity:  Adjust the amount if you want to rent more then 1 golf cart.


CAPACITY: 4 People + Cargo

DURATION: 24 Hours

SERVICE: Everyday

DRINKS: Don't Drink & Drive

RESTRICTIONS: 18+ Age to Drive, Driver License Required

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

MEET UP: Free Delivery on rentals of 2 days or more or Pick Up


Cancellation Policy

Large Size Golf Cart - 24 Hrs Rental