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Discover the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres with El Camino, your private Isla Mujeres Golf Cart driver!

Whether you're seeking an informative Golf Cart tour, a fun day trip or nighttime tour via Golf Cart on the island, or even just a private driver who can get you from A to B safely while you're out having fun, without you having to get behind the wheel, El Camino offers tours and private driver options for you.

El Camino's tours are tailored to exceed your expectations. Glide through Isla Mujeres' enchanting streets aboard a Golf Cart accompanied by a fun, knowledgeable, and bubbly local guide who will show you both the well-known spots, as well as the island's hidden gems. Choose from daytime or evening tours, including options to bar hop; the team of tour guides/drivers are renowned for their warmth and hospitality, infusing your experience with positivity and joy. Feel free to set the mood with your favorite tunes, eat, drink, and relish in the carefree ride as they handle all the details for you. While the tours are fully customizable to suit your preferences, some highlights are the Rainbow Steps, the island's brewery, snorkeling areas, the breathtaking Playa Norte, and the historic Temple of Ixchel and the cliffs of Punta Sur.


For those looking to explore Isla Mujeres and its vibrant nightlife without the concern of driving, or bar hop some of the island's fun bars during the day, El Camino offers the perfect solution. With El Camino's private drivers at your service until the early hours of the morning, you can navigate the island safely and hassle-free, ensuring a memorable experience with every stop.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with El Camino, book your tour or private driver today!

El Camino - Private Isla Driver

Private Isla Mujeres Golf Cart City Tour

Ready to discover Isla Mujeres? If you're looking to explore the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres on an informative, and fun tour, then book a day with El Camino - Private Isla Driver! Take a tour of Isla Mujeres on a Golf Cart with local tour guides who will take you to some popular spots, as well as some of their favorite locations and hidden gems. El Camino offers daytime or evening tours, including bar hopping! At El Camino, you will find their tour guides/drivers are the happiest, and most welcoming on the island, bringing positive energy to your experience. You can play your own music, munch on some complimentary snacks, and enjoy the ride. They´ll take care of the rest for you! Your tour is completely customizable, but here are some typical stops for your city tour: Local beach bars, the famous Rainbow Steps, the island's local brewery, a free snorkeling area, Playa Norte, Ixchel's Temple, and the cliffs at Punta Sur, local food carts (including the best tacos in town), Isla Mujeres' animal rescue, local neighborhoods, murals, the cemetery, and more...

General Info: Tours with El Camino - Private Isla Driver start from 10 AM. There is a minimum group size of 2 people per Golf Cart (not including the driver/guide). The tours are approximately 4-6 hours (depending on the guest).

$75 Per Person

*Deposit Only $10 Per Person

El Camino - Private Isla Driver

Private Golf Cart Driver

Get yourself a designated driver with El Camino - Private Isla Driver. If you want to explore Isla Mujeres and its bars, and not have to worry about who is driving, you can feel safe with a driver from El Camino, with the best local drivers for you. This private service allows you the flexibility to explore the island, feel safe, and take the hassle out of driving. They will take you wherever you wish to go. Note this is not a guided tour, this is a private driver service.

General Info: Book a private driver with El Camino - Private Isla Driver, and do not worry about how you're going to get home, day or night. Drivers will be available until you are ready to go home, even at 4 AM.

$20 Per Hour

*Deposit Only $5 Per Hour


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