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One of the most inspiring places to visit on Isla Mujeres, with a small entry fee of just 30 MXN pesos / $3 USD, you can learn about the lives and history of sea turtles of Isla Mujeres and their movement through our system of oceans. There are several aquariums on their premises, all filled with a variety of sea life. Outside as well, there is a large area where they often have bigger animals that have been rescued and in the stages of recovering, icluding dolphins and nurse sharks.

There is also a large area where they hatch the turtle eggs in a protected environment, the give hatchlings a higher survival rate. 

Tortugranja is educational place to visit and supports a great cause.

 The property is not too large and most people spend maximum of an half hour in here .


Pro Tip

Check out the albino turtle! Definitely something quite rare to see! 

Location & Hours

9AM - 5PM
+52 998 888 0705

C. Garrafón, Km.4 Calle Sac Bajo
Isla Mujeres 77400

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